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Divorce Analytics offers you a modern way to uncouple that preserves family relationships and resources. With financial analysis as the backbone of our process, Divorce Analytics has multiple levels of support during divorce and after-care.

We can lead the separation process as a Family Financial Mediator, serve as a Financial Neutral in collaborative law, and provide divorce financial expert services. We answer the most complicated questions of the divorce and keep family matters private.

Divorce Analytics facilitates your divorce mediation through telephone, email, or Zoom. Don’t let distance keep you from moving forward. For most people, an Early Neutral Consultation is a great way to get on the path to a smart financial divorce resolution. 

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Don't Know How to Begin?

Don't Know Where and How to Begin?

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No Court Divorce

No Court Divorce

Keep your family matters private while creating win-win outcomes.

Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce Financial Planning

Find the real life impact and cost of your divorce.

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Services for Law Professionals

Services for Law Professionals

Solve your stuck cases with a simple phone call.

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Does money make you nervous? Wealth Analytics is here to help.

 Take control of your resources and develop your post-divorce financial strategy with Wealth Analytics.


Meet Victoria Kirilloff,&#160;CDFA&#174;, NCPM

Meet Victoria Kirilloff, CDFA®, NCPM

Victoria is passionate about helping families navigate divorce. After using financial analysis and mediation to resolve her own separation, Victoria began helping others. Nothing makes her happier than distilling extraordinarily complex financial situations down into usable divorce data points. Divorce is not easy, but Victoria’s bright light creates solutions.

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"If it cannot be expressed with numbers, it cannot be expressed at all."

  Victor Kirilloff, Nuclear Engineer