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Overcome Fears of Divorce & Make Decisions Based on Facts, not Emotions

Divorce Analytics offers a modern way to uncouple  while preserving family relationships and resources by helping you make data driven decisions during a highly emotional time. We create financial transparency which leads to win-win outcomes.

Your Divorce Doesn't Have to Destroy Your Family Financially

Taking control and ownership of your life and making financially smart decisions when it comes to initiating a divorce can be overwhelming and daunting. You may feel confused about where to start or what steps to take. Not having enough information or a clear guide may make you feel anxious about the financial implications. 

Divorce Analytics is here to help you let go of that fear by providing fact-filled, data-driven roadmap of your divorce and financials while creating win-win solutions that both parties can agree on.



Protect Your Assets During Divorce & Beyond

With financial analysis as the backbone of our process, Divorce Analytics has multiple levels of support during divorce and after-care. We can lead the separation process as a Family Financial Mediator, serve as a Financial Neutral in collaborative law, and provide divorce financial expert services. 

Early Neutral Consultation

Don't know where & how to begin? For most people, our Early Neutral Consultation service is the best way to get on the path to a smart financial divorce resolution. 

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Divorce Mediation

95% of divorce cases are able to settle issues amicably or in mediation. Keep family matters private while achieving win-win outcomes. Divorce mediations can happen through Zoom, email, and phone.


Divorce Financial Planning

It's easy to make rash decisions when under emotional duress. Find the real cost and long term financial impact of your divorce in order to make data-driven decisions instead.

Planning Services

Services for Law Professionals

Do your clients get stuck when negotiating financial matters? Move your case forward cases with a simple phone call with our Financial Analyst & Mediation Expert.

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Meet Victoria Kirilloff


As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and family mediator, Victoria enjoys distilling extraordinarily complex financial situations down into usable divorce data points. She works closely with clients to bring their financial picture into focus and to turn fear into facts.

Victoria feels very passionate about helping others understand all implications as well as impact of their decisions. Having her own experience with  separation, she uses financial analysis & mediation to resolve financial disputes and create outcomes both parties can agree on. 

Divorce is not easy, but Victoria’s bright light creates solutions.

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