Financial Neutral for Collaborative Divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, everything changes.  

Spouses start to view each other as adversaries and the divorce as the battleground. People experience a gambit of emotions; everything from guilt, fear, confusion, anger, and passionate obstinance dances through their mind. The weight can become overwhelming. While in the throws of a ligated divorce, hope can be in short supply. Costs skyrocket as it drags on from months to years.  

Divorce does not have to be this way!


The Collaborative Process

Built as an uncoupling method that preserves the relationship and resources, the collaborative process puts family first. Unlike ligated divorce, the couple works together with the support of the divorce team to address each of the family’s unique needs. Rather than a judge handing down a verdict, collaboration creates win-win solutions based on what is best for the family. The couple retains more control of the separation and settlement process while keeping family matters private.

Collaboration is a more cost-effective method to separate than litigation. In traditional divorce, copious amounts of money are spent on navigating the legal system itself. In collaborative, resources are used to solve problems and keep the divorce moving forward. For example, if emotions threaten to derail negotiations the divorce coach steps in to alleviate tensions. Instead of arguing about money, the financial neutral provides documented financial facts so the couple knows what they are negotiating for.


 Not only does collaboration preserve funds, it also builds stronger bridges to tomorrow.


Collaborative Process Benefits

  • Identifies and plans for everyone’s concerns and interests.
  • Uses detailed and comprehensive financial data.
  • Avoids court.
  • Former couple retains the control of the divorce process.
  • Prioritizes the needs of children.
  • Encourages mutual respect.
  • Creates a forum for open communication.
  • Utilizes a problem-solving approach.
  • Prepares both parties for new lives and new responsibilities.
  • Self-respect.
  • Can be completed within months.


Why Collaborative Divorce?

Collaboration offers families a modern method of separating. Couples improve their communication during the process leading to better resolutions. Instead of win-lose outcomes that ligated divorce creates, collaboration focuses on everyone’s interests and delivers win-win solutions. Couples in the collaborative process can set their own timetable. Cases can be completed within months instead of years like litigated divorce.

Collaborative is also concerned about what happens after the divorce. During litigated divorce there is endless professional support, but it all comes to an end when the papers are finalized. The collaborative method is designed to prepare clients for the future. The divorce coach helps clients develop the self-reliant skills they need to be successful. The financial neutral works with the couple to ease the monetary transition and answers big financial questions like what to do with the marital home.

Because collaborative takes a holistic problem-solving approach, clients report higher levels of satisfaction with their divorce experience compared to litigation.


The Collaborative Team

The collaborative process is a comprehensive solution to uncoupling. Divorce is not strictly a legal issue and encompasses many areas of life. Navigating the financial impact, managing emotions, and making decisions about children take center stage. The divorce has a deep impact and collaborative provides a cooperative forum to find resolution.

To best serve the family’s unique needs and divorce goals, a team is assembled. Two attorneys, financial neutral, divorce coach, and child specialist are available to the family. A brief description of each team member’s role follows:

  • The attorneys act as advocates and help their respective client find their voice.
  • The financial neutral works with the couple to understand their financial landscape. They generate settlement options based on the couple’s divorce goals and financial facts.
  • The divorce coach aids the couple in resolving emotional events before they derail the process.
  • The child specialist and the couple create a parenting plan together. They also help with custody resolution.


The brilliance of the collaborative process is the ability to customize the process platform. This enables a wide variety of family situations to be met. The collaborative team can handle high conflict divorces, even cases that involve domestic violence. Complicated financial situations are also successfully resolved. When the occasional road bump appears, clients can rest assured that the collaborative team will guide them to resolution.

What is a Financial Neutral?

As an independent 3rd party, the financial neutral works with both spouses to navigate the divorce’s financial impact. The financial neutral acts as the “quarterback” of the process. They gather, organize, analyze, and generate reports based on comprehensive analysis of the couple’s financial and lifestyle data.

The marriage’s financial facts are documented in the Divorce Impact Analysis Report. By clearly defining all the financial variables, transparency and trust in the process is maintained. The couple feels confident that the finances are honestly represented.

The financial neutral leads the division of property. As solutions are generated, the financial neutral mathematically demonstrates how each party will be impacted now and into the future. By determining how the proposed settlement will age, the financial neutral illustrates the real life outcome- the true cost of the divorce.


Benefits of Using a Financial Neutral

  • Illuminates and educates everyone of the financial implications of the separation.
  • Helps each person express their individual and shared financial goals.
  • Provides clarity and advice to the couple so they can make financially informed decisions.
  • Determines the family’s financial facts and presents them in an easy-to-read report.
  • Manages debt division.
  • Client emotions are assuaged, and expectations managed as financial documentation drives the negotiation process.
  • Generates unique solutions that fit the couple’s interests and divorce goals.
  • Gives guidance on the marital home.
  • Turns financially complex situations into workable solutions.
  • Uncovers long term implications of settlements.
  • Balances the power between the financially savvy and the non-savvy spouses.
  • Upon process competition, guides the client in the after-care process to ensure the (financial aspect of) divorce is fully carried out.


The Financial Neutral’s Qualifications

To be a financial neutral, one must:

  • Have 3+ years of financial services experience.
  • Have formal divorce finance training such as the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® program.
  • Hold a certificate in mediation.
  • Be trained in the collaborative method.

As a financial expert, the financial neutral brings real world financial knowledge to the divorce process. She does not give tax advice but considers how each settlement will be taxed and presents ideas that have the lowest-tax burden. The financial neutral creates a level playing field for the couple by ensuring each person has the background knowledge to make smart financial decisions. She replaces fear with facts.


Are you ready to replace fear with facts?

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