We create win-win outcomes for divorcing spouses through the power of financial facts and analysis

We believe that divorce doesn’t have to mean long-term emotional and financial turbulence.

Conflicted about your family’s financial future and your own financial freedom? It can be stressful, we know. 


You’re wondering how to ensure the divorce is equitable without paying or asking for more than what’s needed. 


And this one thought is keeping you up at night - while you have some knowledge of budgeting and investing, it’s not enough to understand complex financial documents. 


It’s natural to feel uncomfortable, yet it’s smart to seek the guidance of a qualified professional so you aren’t acting from a place of fear.

Divorce Analytics is dedicated to illuminating financial realities and developing strategies to create a mutually beneficial outcome during and after the divorce.


We specialize in replacing fear with financial facts so you can think clearly and navigate the murky waters of asset division, spousal and child support, co-parenting, etc., without feeling overwhelmed and giving up. 


With us by your side, finalizing your divorce and transitioning to the next phase of life is liberating, not devastating. 

The Divorce Analytics Difference

Holistic support with a focus on excellence

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®

We specialize in asset distribution, short- and long-term divorce financial planning, taxes, and empowering our clients to make informed decisions about their post-divorce life based on data, not emotions or speculation.

Nationally Certified Professional Mediator

Emotions may run high during the uncoupling process, and as certified mediators, we de-escalate conflicts and promote effective communication that leads to win-win outcomes and ensures the long-term well-being of our clients.

Network of trusted professionals

We frequently collaborate with other experts (like legal professionals, property managers, investment managers, etc.) to provide a full spectrum of support so our clients feel supported at every step. 

Always up-to-date

Every year, we invest in a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education to expand our knowledge base and preserve the integrity of our solutions. This helps us develop creative, client-focused strategies to make their journey as smooth as possible.



Victoria V. Kirilloff, CDFA®, NCPM®, CDS®

Family Financial Mediator
Certified Divorce Specialist
Divorce Analyst  & Consultant
Holistic Wealth Engineer

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“There is immense power in financial facts.”

I’ve learned this lesson all too well through my own experiences. 

In 2015, I found myself desperately searching for an exit strategy from a long-term relationship that had turned toxic. Usually, I’d turn to my father for advice, who had always been my mentor and cheerleader.  But an untimely stroke meant he was unable to communicate with me, and it was devastating not to have his guidance during this difficult time. 

So I did what he’d always taught me to do - reel in my fear and assess the situation objectively based on data. That’s when I analyzed the assets my partner and I jointly held and created the first Divorce Impact Analysis report. 

My father had always encouraged me to take an active interest in the family finances and business. Fun fact: I attended my first board meeting at age 3! Being around these high-stakes situations inculcated a financial savviness that I later channeled into a career with Mutual of Omaha as an insurance specialist and a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. Before that, I collaborated with my father on our family business in engineering and manufacturing until his health deteriorated.

The Divorce Impact Analysis report gave me the financial facts that served as data points for our property division negotiation. And it felt incredibly validating (after the shock had worn off) to see the power of financial analysis in action when my partner quickly agreed to the proposed solution.

The objective and fact-based approach made my journey to freedom smoother and inspired many people in my circle. The process I employed in my own life proved to be so effective that I created Divorce Analytics, an off-shoot of my other company Wealth Analytics.

Now, as a Divorce Consultant, I empower my clients to stay out of court, find financially reasonable settlements that benefit both parties, divide large amounts of assets, and feel more confident during the divorce process. I also coach them on presenting the divorce terms so these can be accepted without resistance. Our priority is that they can move quickly through the divorce process and comfortably transition to the next phase of life by leveraging financial data. 

Our tools for a friction-free divorce

 Data Gathering and Organization

Divorce Analytics organizes all financial documents in a secure online location so the entire divorce team can easily access valuable data and stay tuned in to our clients’ financial landscape.

 Balance Sheet and Lifestyle Analysis

Using the last 3+ years of tax returns, Divorce Analytics thoroughly examines joint possessions and uncovers any hidden assets. We also collect and categorize the last 6+ months of income and expenses to give our clients a comprehensive overview of their current lifestyle.

This creates a foundation of transparency that drives the rest of the decisions in the process, including spousal and child support payments.

 Divorce Impact Analysis for Realistic Budgeting

Based on the financial history and projected expenses for two separate households, our Divorce Impact Analysis uncovers the true cost of the divorce and the cost of both parties’ lifestyles. By laying out the financial facts and outlining the real-life implications, negotiations (in and out of the courtroom) take less time and save money.

 Data-backed Settlement Scenarios

Divorce Analytics runs different settlement scenarios and guides so our clients can understand the benefits and shortcomings of each solution. Using our detailed financial analysis of each proposed settlement is one of the most powerful tools to base decisions.

Why our clients partner with us 

  • We replace fear with facts and guide our clients to avoid unintended consequences in the divorce settlement..
  • We assist our clients by examining all options so they can determine which settlement fits the family best.
  • We provide the financial documentation necessary for attorneys to win in court.

Your financial freedom is just around the corner

When you partner with us, you will not only survive your uncoupling but have all the tools and support to thrive after your divorce.