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Divorce Analytics is dedicated to illuminating financial realities and developing strategies to create positive change in your live as you divorce. We use intellectual prowess, innovative business techniques, and state-of-the-art technology to deliver you a superior service. 

Our Innovative Principles

<strong>Client Centered Solutions</strong>

Client Focused Solutions

With Divorce Analytics, you can rest easy as you navigate the divorce process. We are dedicated to making your experience as smooth as possible and deploy unique tactics to achieve your divorce goals. We work tirelessly until the job is done. 

<strong>Innovative Solutions &#38; Technology<br /></strong>


We pride ourselves on using the latest technological advances to modernize your experience. We utilize a variety of platforms to increase ease of use and help you track their finances. We offer secure document sharing to ensure your professional team has access to key files.

<strong>Client Centered Solutions</strong>

No-Cost Communication

Divorce and finances can be confusing. We want you to talk to us and do not bill for short conversations on the phone, responding to questions, or sending emails. The more we know, the better we can serve.

<strong>Innovative Solutions &#38; Technology<br /></strong>

Intellectual Excellence

We are dedicated to the pursuit of intellectual achievement. By continually expanding our knowledge base, we preserve the intellectual integrity of our solutions. Annually, we conduct a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education. When partnering with us, you can count on our dedication to intellectual excellence. 

Our Intellectual Capital

Intellectual Capital

Victoria Kirilloff, CDFA®, NCPM
Family Financial Mediator/ Divorce Analyst  & Strategist/ Holistic Wealth Consultant

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The Motivation

Divorce Analytics was born out of my most painful experience in life- my own separation. It was incredibly challenging and immensely complicated. My relationship was disintegrating as my father’s health hung in the balance. It was a crushing period in my life. But I knew that life would get better if I took action.

My long-term relationship had turned toxic, and I was desperately needing an exit strategy. My dad who had answers for everything could no longer communicate with me. I feared the future- being alone and having to figure it all out by myself. I was nervous about having to pay for everything. I was scared what would happen the first time I got a flat tire. What would I do when I needed help with the lawn mower? What was I going to do about our house? How was I going to manage it all?

The time came when my desire to live a joyful life outweighed the fear. I made the commitment to myself to take action. I began to think about the logistics of our uncoupling. Our separation was mostly financial and as a financial services expert, I had the perfect skill set to do my own divorce.

After going through our finances, I created what would be the first Divorce Impact Analysis Report. It contained our financial facts which served as the data points in our property division negotiation. It shocked me to see the power of financial analysis in action as he quickly agreed to my proposed solution.

As others witnessed my use of financial facts to clear a path to freedom, they became curious of my magical methods. Before I knew it, friends were becoming clients. No one expects to divorce, but if it must be done then it should be done right and well.

I have dedicated my life to serve women and men who face the vast unknown of divorce. It is a highly emotional time in life, and the decisions made have long-lasting outcomes. Now more than ever is the time to be armed with knowledge. By having a financial expert in their pocket, clients are setting themselves up for success.

Divorce is largely a financial transaction. I help clients stay out of court, find financially reasonable settlements that benefit both parties, divide large amounts of assets, and more. If they do have to go to court, my reports are amazing exhibitions and that I back with expert witness testimony. By leveraging financial data and defining values, families can move quickly through the divorce and return to normal sooner.

Nothing gives me as much joy as seeing a client benefit from one of my hard-won lessons. I love my work as it brings meaning into my life including some of the darkest chapters. The universe works in mysterious ways.

It is my pleasure to serve. Do not be afraid to reach out and ask me a question. So many of us are biding our time and gathering information. I am always happy to help someone in need.

Always remember, there is immense power in financial facts.

- Victoria V. Kirilloff

Sound Strategies Create Positive Outcomes

Divorce Analytics mission is to provide clients an outstanding divorce experience through innovative methods and high value information. Through personal analysis, we improve our client’s financial outcomes and their overall financial I.Q. by taking an problem solving approach rooted in education.

To best meet our client’s needs, there are three different businesses: Divorce Analytics provides modern solutions to the divorce process. Wealth Analytics offers goals based plans and financial strategies. Life Transitions is the concierge service division for the divorce after-care process and other life event management.

Wealth Analytics
 focuses on bringing the power of financial analysis to your everyday decision making. We work with you to identify their goals, determine any unique needs or restrictions, and develop a holistic solution. We measure progress by personalized metrics and make courses corrections to ensure success.

Divorce Analytics 
helps you understand the financial impact of divorce. We offer pre-divorce consulting to provide you the information needed to confidently move forward. We also help you develop and evolve financial divorce strategies after proceedings begin. When the divorce decree is finalized, we ensure you have fully severed financial ties and help you transition to a new normal.

Life Transition Analytics
 serves you through the multitude challenges that life presents. Providing non-financial concierge services, we offer you holistic solutions to overcome any roadblock.

Are you ready to replace fear with facts?

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