Victoria is sharing her expertise through podcast interviews, articles & more!

The Journey

Podcast host: Van Deeb

Listen to the newest podcast feature where Victoria shares insights into the world of finance & divorce, and shares what makes her passionate about guiding clients through difficult life situations and helping them emerge financially stronger. 

Doing Divorce Different

Podcast host: Lesa Koski

Tune in to learn more about how women can be financially and emotionally ahead of the game regarding finances in all aspects of their life, especially during divorce. Victoria also talks about the difference between men and women regarding spending habits, and gives us tips on how to teach our brain the skill of mindful spending. 

The (Br)other Side

Podcast host: Alex Pearson

In this episode, Victoria explains how taking the guess work out of the financial picture when working through a divorce helps achieve win-win outcomes that benefit both partners and preserve not only resources but relationships as well. Tune in to learn more about her story and her process!

Single or Divorced

Podcast host: Theadora Vosse

In this episode Victoria explains that it is possible to have peace at the end of your marriage and during divorce when fears and emotions are replaced with financial facts. She shows us how to keep your family dynamics intact by understanding the true financial impact of your divorce and uncover what you and your family really need to create a win-win solutions for all parties.

Lives Radio Show & Podcast

Podcast host: Stuart Chittenden

Victoria shares stories of how her father – a Russian American nuclear engineer – found love in rural Nebraska, built several businesses, but suffered an untimely stroke that had Victoria questioning not only her family’s financial planning, but also the science of money and behavioral psychology more broadly. 

Other Features

In 2022 Victoria has also been featured in the Disruptors Magazine and her article was published as part of the resources at the Better Together by Gabrielle Hartley website.

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About Victoria Kirilloff

Victoria partners with high-net-worth families and divorcing couples to preserve their financial resources without burning bridges or paying the expensive cost of prolonged litigation. She’s the founder of Wealth Analytics and Divorce Analytics, which takes a holistic and win-win approach to wealth retention, inheritance navigation and estate administration, and divorce settlements. 

Victoria brings unmatched expertise and perspective backed by her personal background in managing her family business and her work experience at Mutual of Omaha as an insurance professional and at Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor. 

Victoria is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and Nationally Certified Professional in Mediation (NCPM) - which means she operates as a neutral third party who facilitates clear communication and empowers her clients to stay open to creative solutions and a sustainable financial ecosystem that matches their lifestyle based on data.

Topics of Interest

  • How to have an amicable divorce that results in win-win scenarios and preserves resources & relationships
  • The financial pitfalls of divorce and how to avoid them
  • Why choosing the right divorce method is one of the most important steps
  • Understand the four phases of divorce: Emotional, Social, Financial & Legal 
  • Using a Divorce Impact Analysis Report (financial report) to neutralize a high conflict spouse so you can get divorced