Wondering how to prepare for a divorce?

Discover whether you’re financially ready to take this big step and how you can protect your resources and relationships in the process

Whether you’re considering filing for divorce, have recently filed, or still wondering how to handle the divorce announcement, we’ve got you covered.

We get that there are too many unknown factors, and every decision counts. Your relationship may be coming to an end, but you want to do the right thing.

That’s why you need solid answers to questions like:

“Will I need to go back to work?”
“Can I afford this lifestyle?”
“Should we sell the house?”
“How do we handle child-care expenses after the divorce ?”

We’re here to guide you towards clarity with the right financial facts so you can leave your marriage peacefully and transition to the next phase of life comfortably.

This service is perfect for you if: 

  • You’re unhappy in your marriage and want to explore whether you can afford to get divorced right now
  • There are clear signs that your marriage is over, and you’re agonizing about how to break the news to your spouse/family
  • You’re worried whether the divorce will affect your kids’ well-being and financial future
  • You’re wondering whether taking your spouse to court is the only way to get divorced
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the paperwork like income and expense reports, compensation packages, investment statements, etc
  • You’re not sure how to ask for an equitable settlement confidently or how to offer one without losing everything

Why our clients partner with us 

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®

As professional Divorce Consultants, we rely on data to uncover how much your post-divorce will cost, how you can maintain your lifestyle, whether the divorce will impact your retirement, and other key matters. This creates a foundation for all decisions moving forward. .

Nationally Certified Mediation Professional

As certified mediators, we’re trained in conflict de-escalation and resolution. We equip our clients with strategies to handle potentially volatile situations with empathy, tact, and grace so they can keep the peace and money in the family.

Replacing fear with facts

Divorce doesn’t have to be an expensive and emotionally draining battle. We educate our clients about divorce myths, break down financial complexities, and expertly manage their expectations to come out strong and land on their feet.

Our divorce preparation process

 Data gathering and organization

Our clients choose us for our objective and fact-based approach, as well as our ability to provide a clear guideline for what’s needed. As a first step, we gather all relevant financial statements and data so we can determine which assets belong to an individual spouse and which assets are marital property.

This part of the process paves the way to identify critical issues to resolve and prepares them for the next step: bringing their financial reality into sharp focus.

 Divorce Impact Analysis Report

Our Divorce Consultants meticulously analyze the financial data to prepare a customized Divorce Impact Analysis Report. This report aims to itemize and project the value of both parties’ financial assets, investments, and the cost of each spouse’s post-divorce lifestyle.

These reports are theoretical and provide a baseline to guide key decisions in the uncoupling process. The specific line items on the report also inform them about how much they can ask for or offer in the divorce settlement.

 Divorce guidance and financial coaching

The Divorce Impact Analysis provides clarity and direction for the level of support our clients need from us. We prepare a roadmap to help organize the financial data and suggestions for the client to move forward in the divorce process.

Part of the coaching service includes engineering a customized communication strategy to avoid conflicts when presenting the idea of divorce to the other party. If desired, we can advise on the most suitable divorce method for our client and identify a timeline for the next steps.

We also equip our clients with sustainable wealth retention strategies to increase their cash flow's longevity and ensure a seamless financial transition to a post-divorce lifestyle.


1. Can I share the Divorce Impact Analysis report with my attorney?

Yes. These reports ensure your attorney has all the financial background information to craft the best legal and settlement strategy for you based on real-time, customized data. Attorneys are well-versed in legal matters, and financial analysis isn’t part of their legal training. For this reason, it makes sense to have a financial expert provide this information to the attorney.

2. How does the divorce Preparation service differ from the Divorce Financial Planning and Analysis service?

The Divorce Financial Planning and Analysis service is for you if you have already filed for divorce and need our assistance in negotiating the most suitable settlement options based on financial facts. If this is the stage you are in, visit the Divorce Financial Planning and Analysis service page. The Divorce Preparation service is ideal for people speculating about the cost of getting a divorce or how to ask for a divorce peacefully. The financial facts we provide are helpful estimates that determine whether they’re financially ready to get divorced, their post-divorce life, whether they need to return to work, and other pressing questions.

Avoid surprises, expenses, and heartache by going into your divorce fully prepared