Victoria Kirilloff, CDFA®, NCPM®, CDS®

Victoria Kirilloff, CDFA®, NCPM®, CDS®

Family Financial Mediator/ Divorce Analyst & Strategist/ Holistic Wealth Consultant

A little about me...

I am blessed with the ability to understand high-level, complex equations and can easily communicate those subjects to my clients. Whether it is helping a client determine how to expand their business, creating a life strategy, or analyzing divorce documents, my passion comes from helping my clients. Nothing is more rewarding then seeing their life impacted through my thoughtful work.

I grew up under my father’s wing, learning in his shadow about the entrepreneurial spirit and business operations. My education included everything from preparing orders for shipping to managing the company’s books and business development. I managed manufacturing projects, coordinated vendors, and designed quality control operations which have greatly shaped my professional mentality of excellence. I honed my communication and presentation skills on clients that included Fortune 100 transportation and mining companies.

When I started my own career outside of family business, finance was the perfect fit. Money is the universal tool that makes the world go round. I have always been fascinated with our financial system and dedicated myself to a lifelong commitment of furthering my knowledge in this field. I believed, and still do, that I can best serve my community through increasing my client’s operating knowledge as well as their financial intelligence.

I founded Divorce Analytics on the principal of providing client’s holistic strategies built after thoughtful examination of the total picture. As the earth becomes more and more complex, clients need ideas that are readily adoptable but also adaptable. Gone are the days of static ideas and one-size-fits all strategies. Divorce Analytics analyses each client’s life and determines a personalized strategy to yield a positive outcome.