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Please note that these products are developed for individuals considering or planning to divorce in the US. If you are filing for divorce in a different country, you can still benefit from this information, but we cannot guarantee that specific guidance on the protocols, documentation and process will match those in other countries.

Our Process

Divorce Smarter Ebook

Learn about the four fundamental phases of divorce, gain practical guidance on making decisions based on facts, and explore alternatives to litigation. This eBook provides clarity on the financial and emotional costs of ending a marriage and serves as a trusted companion throughout your journey.

Our History

Divorce Goals Workbook

The workbook supports you in organizing your thoughts and emotions during divorce and equips you with the tools to gain a clearer understanding of your situation and goals. As a result, you’ll feel empowered to make informed decisions and take intentional actions.

Our Values

Budget Blueprint™

Our cash flow calculator will help you gain clarity on your current expenses and allow you to create projections of your post-divorce lifestyle cost. The spreadsheet provides context and guidance for calculating the cost of your current lifestyle and potential divorce outcomes and serves as a foundation for filling out the Financial Affidavit.

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Household Inventory Sheet

This spreadsheet will make it easier for you to keep track of all assets and current market values, facilitating a fair assessment of your furnishings and enabling you to make informed decisions during the property division phase.

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Marital Balance Worksheet

Use this spreadsheet to get a comprehensive overview of your family's assets and debts, including any separate property. This document will serve as a foundation for financial evaluations and will be the basis for your property division negotiations.

Our Process

Divorce Financial Objectives

This worksheet guides you through uncovering the different ways you and your spouse may approach the family's finances and priorities. This guide allows you to work through negative financial feelings and create a more productive environment for financial discussions.

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Issues for Resolution

This worksheet will guide you through identifying potentially difficult topics requiring resolution during your divorce and navigating those conversations. By completing the worksheet, you will feel more confident and empowered to negotiate effectively.

Our Resources

Spousal Support Sheet

This worksheet is designed to help you gather relevant financial information for your spousal support eligibility and enable you to work with your attorney or CDFA® to prepare the necessary documentation efficiently.

Meet Victoria Kirilloff, CDFA®, NCPM®, CDS®

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and Certified Divorce Specialist®, and Family Financial Mediator, Victoria offers divorce financial planning including proposed settlement analysis and lifestyle change management and mediation services. Victoria also works as a Financial Neutral in a collaborative divorce team or co-mediation. Victoria is known for her Divorce Impact Analysis™ Reports which documents and analyzes the family’s pre- and post-divorce finances.

Victoria founded Divorce Analytics after she used her background as a Financial Advisor to uncouple from an abusive partner. Victoria realized financial analysis would enable her to peacefully-as-possible extract herself from a destructive relationship. So, she created a financial report built on financial transparency that modeled win-win outcomes for each person. Using what would be the first the Divorce Impact Analysis™ as her guide, Victoria held emotionally neutral conversations with her partner and let the numbers do the talking. Much to Victoria’s delight, he agreed, and Divorce Analytics was born.

Now Victoria and her team at Divorce Analytics serve families by empowering them make thoughtful financial decisions throughout the divorce process so win-win outcomes can be created. If you would like to connect with Victoria, schedule a consultation.

Divorce Analytics provides non-legal/tax/investment divorce finance services. Consult a professional for specific information about your situation