Life Transition Analytics

Supporting clients as they make the big leap to the next phase of life

Life Transition Analytics was born out of Victoria's own life experiences. Victoria has successfully navigated the impact of her father's stroke, grandmother's death, and her own separation--all in her twenties. When her father was in a medically induced coma, Victoria had to carry on with the company and step into his exceptionally large shoes. Upon her grandmother's death, Victoria was appointed the executrix and ensured every detail of the funeral was perfect. When the dead weight had to go, Victoria masterfully executed her plan which included selling her beloved home when the dead weight failed to leave. When all of that was over, Victoria followed her heart and created a fulfilling existence as an entrepreneur.

In short, Victoria has solved a lot of problems and gained priceless experiences. Life Transitions takes that knowledge and and uses it to make a smooth transition for you after a rough life event. As we go through life, we pick up responsibilities and need to call in an expert to help us manage them. We serve you through major life events like the death of a spouse, a debilitating event, and an elderly parent's graceful transition. Whatever the situation, we are here to help. 

Change is proceeded by chaos. 

Top Reasons Clients Work With Us

We takeover your additional responsibilities.

We leverage our experience so you avoid making costly mistakes.

We listen to you and create a plan that addresses your specific needs.

We make life easier.

How We Support You


Elder Care

As our parents age, the roles reverse and we become their caretaker. It is a weird experience and can lead to frustration in the family. By having an outside party create a transition plan balance is restored. We make life easy by:

  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Creating an Estate Transition Strategy
  • Final Wishes and Last Letters
  • Assisted Living Placement

Home Management

Real Estate can be intimidating. We work with you to make data-driven decisions with the largest physical asset you own. By using our network of professionals, you have an easy transition. We help with:

  • Rent v. Buy Analysis
  • Real Estate Purchase Decisions
  • Home Sale Preparation
  • Moving Coordination
  • Security System Setup
  • Computer Decisions

Damsel In (Temporary) Distress

When you were little you called dad. Now that your older, you call us. Life Transition Analytics helps you figure out what to do and has a team of trusted professionals that are cost-effective. Here are a few ways that we help:

  • Car Repair Coordination
  • Vehicle Lease v. Buy Analysis
  • Handyman Project Management

Higher Education

When your child is interested in going to a major college or ivy league, it is a process and best accomplished with the help of seasoned professionals that know what to do. We help you with:

  • Career Fit and Interest Discovery
  • University Selection and Application
  • College Tour Coordination
  • Job Shadowing


Pre-divorce: Knowledge

 When determining if divorce is right for you, it is important to make data driven decisions. Life Transition Analytics creates a pre-planning strategy to help you understand the financial scope but also the lifestyles changes necessary to transition to singlehood. Working with us enables you to begin with an end in mind which dramatically reduces the stress and friction of the uncoupling. We help clients with: 

  • Educational Divorce Webinars
  • Data Gathering and Organization
  • Lifestyle Analysis 
  • Financial Freedom Strategy
  • Child and Spousal Support Projections
  • Asset Ownership Report
  • Hidden Income Analysis
  • Marital Home Analysis
  • Expectation Management

Divorce After-Care

After the divorce, it can feel quite lonely as the professionals complete their role and you move on to the next chapter of life. It feels great to close the last chapter emotionally and now its time to shine. First, we must complete final actions and a lot of paperwork to ensure a clean break. Next we turn attention to the new beginning that awaits and prepare you for the journey. Here's a few other ways we help: 

  • Retitle Accounts
  • Update Businesses and Financial Institutions 
  • Home Filing System Creation
  • Changes in Support Analysis and Advice
  • Financial Freedom Program
  • Financial Coaching
  • Health Insurance

Erase any problems with our Analytical decision making process!

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