What Service Model Is Best For You?

One Party Support
(Financial Non-Neutral)

Divorce Analytics brings hard facts and numbers to help clients understand the impact of proposed settlements. By illuminating outcomes, clients can select the most appropriate and best fitting resolution for their family. When there is a reluctant spouse or when the divorce is close to completion, Divorce Analytics is often asked to come on board as a non-neutral and provide objective evaluations to help speed along the divorce process.

Collaborative Support
(Financial Neutral)

Divorce Analytics works with both spouses to find solutions for the financial component of divorce and ensures that all parties have the proper knowledge to make informed decisions. Clients report a higher level of satisfaction compared to court issued settlements because outcomes meet both parties needs.

Financial Neutral and Mediation Services

Divorce Analytics serves clients who have not yet retained attorneys but are eager to begin the financial decoupling. As the process evolves, Divorce Analytics tailors our approach to meet the family’s needs.

Divorce Aftercare

Upon settlement resolution, Divorce Analytics helps clients establish and regain their bearings as well as the confidence to create optimal futures. We create personalized strategies for clients to prepare them for the next stage of life by ensuring they have the proper tools as well as education needed for empowerment.

To find out how else Divorce Analytics can help your divorce, email Victoria@mywealthanalytics.com or call 402.430.3092.