Trapped in a tidal wave of conflict? Find clarity & control in the storm

Facing a High-Conflict Divorce Can Feel Like Tiptoeing Through A Minefield

Facing a High-Conflict Divorce Can Feel Like Tiptoeing Through A Minefield

Understanding your spouse's motivations and anticipating their reactions is crucial, yet it often feels like trying to decode an unpredictable puzzle. 

But what if you could have a personal guide and experienced captain navigating these turbulent waters?

At Divorce Analytics, we don't just offer support; we unlock the enigma of high-conflict individuals.

Recognizing the patterns in most high-conflict divorces enables you to anticipate moves, communicate effectively, and plot your course with confidence, even in the stormiest of seas.

Traditional divorce may inadvertently empower high-conflict individuals, allowing them to misuse the legal system, prolong disputes, and escalate costs. This often happens because many divorce professionals lack specialized training in managing high-conflict cases, leading to imbalances in attention and advocacy.

Where conventional methods often fall short, Divorce Analytics brings the expertise needed for strategic resolutions

Proven conflict resolution techniques

Confront even the most heated situations with calmness and clarity, defusing power struggles and preventing unnecessary conflict. We address the underlying emotional dysregulation involved in high-conflict uncoupling.

Collaborative financial guidance

We work hand-in-hand with your attorney and divorce coach to ensure your financial strategy seamlessly aligns with your goals. Furthermore, we act as your quarterback to carefully curate the best high-conflict divorce team for you.

Divorce strategies that replace fear with facts

Make informed financial decisions based on the Divorce Impact Analysis (DIA) Report—a comprehensive tool created by Victoria while planning her escape from an abusive relationship. The DIA Report covers spousal support, property division, and more, ensuring you craft your decisions with confidence.

Empathetic support

Navigate the psychological toll of divorce with an experienced financial advocate by your side—someone who not only empathizes with your journey but also possesses a strategic understanding of high-conflict dynamics. Our expertise allows us to manage the intricacies discreetly, ensuring your well-being without the partner realizing they’re being expertly guided.

Don’t let divorce turn your life upside down

When you work with a CDFA® and lead with financial facts, your relationships, and post-divorce lifestyle don't have to suffer.

Divorce Analytics Serves Clients Across the US
From Our Silicon Valley, Santa Monica, CA & Omaha, NE Offices

Minimize Emotional and Financial Stress With the Power of Financial Facts

The emotional and financial complexities of high-conflict divorce can be overwhelming. At Divorce Analytics, we understand the unique challenges you face and are known for taking swift and strategic action.

  • If you want agreements, not arguments
    We believe in creating win-win agreements by deciphering the motivations of the high-conflict partner and pinpointing how finances trigger their emotional responses.

  • If you need a steady hand to steer you through the divorce storm
    By identifying the financial facts swiftly, we maximize your mental stamina and avoid decision fatigue.

  • If you're ready to regain control of your future
    We equip you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to reclaim your peace, handle the divorce process confidently, and take back your life.
  • If you need a steady hand to steer you through the divorce storm
    If you want to minimize emotional and financial stress
    Our efficient and structured processes strategically position you for a more favorable resolution, especially crucial in high-conflict situations where acting swiftly can prevent potential shortchanging by the partner.

  • If you feel overwhelmed and need help developing a game plan
    Our team develops targeted communication and divorce proposals backed by financial analysis to achieve your desired outcomes and ensure post-divorce stability.

Victoria’s journey & the founding of Divorce Analytics

Divorce Analytics stands as a testament to Victoria's triumphant escape from a toxic relationship that consumed a significant part of her adult life. Her personal journey, entangled with a high-conflict partner, laid the cornerstone for establishing Divorce Analytics.

Victoria's experience reflects the common struggle faced by many women trapped in abusive relationships—a relentless pattern of leaving and returning. This cycle, repeated several times, deepening the trauma bond, is a psychological phenomenon that creates a powerful attachment to the abuser despite the harm inflicted. Despite this, she began documenting the financial implications of their separation.

Through careful analysis, Victoria recognized that the impact of staying together involved not only emotional pain but also financial burdens associated with her partner's vices. This revelation became the turning point that solidified her resolve to break free.

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of their shared property and a financial breakdown outlining the terms of separation, she strategically appealed to her partner's business sensibilities.

As much as a service founded on expertise, Divorce Analytics embodies a profound insight into high-conflict divorces. Victoria's experience informs our approach, ensuring that those facing similar challenges receive guidance rooted in empathy, strategy, and an unwavering belief in a future beyond the shadows of toxic relationships.

Why choose Divorce Analytics for your high-conflict divorce?

Why choose Divorce Analytics for your high-conflict divorce?

Leverage Victoria’s combined expertise as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®), Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®), and National Certified Professional Mediator to lead your high-conflict divorce with clarity, control, and peace of mind.

Handling high-conflict individuals goes beyond conventional training —it demands a unique skill set that strikes the perfect balance between precision and empathy.

Victoria's approach distinguishes her from many other divorce professionals who are often unfamiliar with the right strategies that lead to resolutions all parties can agree on.

Unveiling the "why" behind conflict

We go beyond surface-level issues to understand the unconscious motivations driving both sides, facilitating agreements that address long-term needs and reduce conflict.

Safeguarding your financial future

Money and emotions are deeply intertwined. With Victoria’s skills as a CDFA® and experienced negotiator, we translate your finances into clear, digestible information, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Navigating divorce with empathy

Having overcome an abusive relationship herself, Victoria is well-versed in managing the power dynamic, and we offer sensitive guidance tailored to your unique situation. We act as your champion and advocate, negotiating balanced proposals while giving you the tools to heal and move forward.

Our approach

Gain an expert guide to negotiate win-win outcomes

Our high-conflict divorce strategy delves into the emotional undercurrents driving both sides, ensuring your financial lifestyle remains secure and your voice is heard.


 Divorce Impact Analysis Report

We prepare an in-depth comprehensive assessment outlining individualized financial strategies and settlement proposals tailored to your unique circumstances and post-divorce goals. Our aim is to minimize unnecessary losses and design sustainable plans, equipping you with a clear roadmap for a secure financial future.

 Unmasking motivations & aligning needs

Hidden motives, both monetary and non-monetary, often come into play during a divorce. We help you understand your spouse's emotional triggers linked to assets, income, and support through in-depth analysis and effective dialogue strategies. By aligning your needs with theirs, we pave the way for productive negotiations and win-win outcomes.

 Uncovering the full financial landscape

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®), Victoria specializes in the intricacies of asset division during divorce proceedings. Beyond the surface level, she delves deep into the financial landscape, meticulously examining factors such as tax consequences, complex deferred compensation packages, and the division of retirement plans. Her analysis provides a detailed understanding of the multifaceted financial impact of your decisions.

 Collaborative approach & transparency

Many clients facing high-conflict divorces feel unheard and misunderstood, even by their legal representation. We establish a safe space for open communication, building trust, and a collaborative foundation for success.

Defuse your spouse's emotional triggers and regain control