09 Dec
Divorce Smarter Workshop 📚


Not sure if you want to be married anymore?

I will never forget looking over at my (now former) partner and realizing that I had to go through with it. After being together for 10 years, life alone felt daunting. I was beyond terrified of what would happen to me. Refusing to be ruled by fear, I fired up my computer and built an escape plan.  

The only thing that got me through this uncertain time was focusing on my future and using education as the vehicle to arrive there. When I finally broke the news to him, I had a divorce financial plan that I developed using my financial analyst skills (my day job). My report did the heavy lifting and enabled me to finally get out. Now I help others like yourself have a mindful divorce. Contrary to popular belief, divorce does not have to suck!

Please attend my free virtual divorce crash course! Divorce is a highly emotional time, and you will be making decisions that will impact the rest of your life. Empower yourself with education! In my talk, I will help you understand the different divorce methods and why picking the right process is one the most important choices you will make. I will also give divorce financial tips and discuss why a budget (aka financial documentation) is one of your best friends.  Touching briefly on divorce goals, I will help you identify your objectives. Lastly, we will go over your next steps. Sign up today to replace your divorce fear with facts! 

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A little about Victoria…

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, Victoria Kirilloff offers divorce financial planning including proposed settlement analysis and lifestyle change management and mediation services. Victoria also works as a Financial Neutral in a collaborative divorce team or co-mediation. Victoria is known for her Divorce Impact Analysis Reports which documents and analyzes the family’s pre- and post-divorce finances.

Victoria founded Divorce Analytics after she used her background as a Financial Advisor to uncouple from an abusive partner. Victoria realized financial analysis would enable her to peacefully-as-possible extract herself from a destructive relationship. So, she created a financial report built on financial transparency that modeled win-win outcomes for each person. Using what would be the first the Divorce Impact Analysis as her guide, Victoria held emotionally neutral conversations with her partner and let the numbers do the talking. Much to Victoria’s delight, he agreed, and Divorce Analytics was born.

Now Victoria and her team at Divorce Analytics serve families by empowering them make thoughtful financial decisions throughout the divorce process so win-win outcomes can be created. If you would like to connect with Victoria, schedule a consultation BY CLICKING HERE.

Victoria V. Kirilloff, CDFA, NCPM is a Family Financial Mediator, Divorce Analyst & Strategist, and Holistic Wealth Consultant. Divorce Analytics provides non-legal/tax/investment divorce finance services.

Date and Time

Fri, Dec 09, 2022

12:00p - 1:00p PST




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