Its Okay to Be Joyful During Divorce: Here’s How To Do It

Its Okay to Be Joyful During Divorce: Here’s How To Do It

April 27, 2021

Divorce is a harrowing time but it is also a time of rebirth. One vision has come to an end, but another is taking shape! There is enough to worry about and stress over but finding ways to celebrate your new life, while counter-intuitive, is absolutely necessary.


Here are 5 ways to help you find the good as you navigate divorce:


  1. Celebrate You. You are not defined by a relationship. You are defined by the amazing and unique person you are. Let us celebrate your individuality and reconnect with your authentic self. This is the next chapter in your book, make it your best by letting your light shine through.


  1. Nest. Regardless of where you find yourself living, make it your own. I ended up selling my home and while it was painful, it was the best choice for me. My new place is just right for me and I decorated it without anyone else’s input. A totally freeing experience!


  1. Connect with Your Loved Ones. While it can be tempting to stay on the couch and binge Netflix, resist the urge! Instead get involved in family functions and activities.


  1. Start a Gratitude Practice. It can be easy to get sucked into a hole of divorce despair, and it is important to counteract that. Start the day off by thinking of the top five things you are grateful for. Try it for 21 days and you will be surprised of the impact; after all, you can change your brain (and your life) with a little bit of gratitude.


Divorce does not last forever. Things might seem challenging right now, but by having a joy-focused mindset will help you rise above and stay focused on your future. If you would like help replacing fear with facts, contact or 402.430.3092/ 424.218.0227 today!

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