How Victoria Grew in 2020

How Victoria Grew in 2020

December 31, 2020

Not only has this been the year that I have realized my potential but it has been incredibly humbling.

This year was finally my opportunity to take the challenges of leaving a very abusive relationship and create something beautiful. When I left my partner of 10 years, I never imagined that I would be able to pull the broken arrows from my heart and use the sharp edges to forge a path forward for others to follow.

After years of abuse, I had to rebuild my life. It took laser focus but I am now living my most authentic life and doing so without fear. When I was forced to walk away from everything I “loved,” it was heartbreaking but I am not a woman to be kept down.

I found my passion by serving others and let that light guide me. At times, it was overwhelming (and still is) but the one thing that I have realized is that I can rely on myself to solve whatever problem I encounter. As Jocko Willink taught me, extreme ownership and discipline creates freedom.

I can’t wait to see what else life has in store for me in 2021! I know that no matter what, I can handle it and will use that experience to serve others.

Happy New Year!


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