How to Bring Positivity into Your Life During Divorce

How to Bring Positivity into Your Life During Divorce

May 05, 2021

Life ends up taking us on a rollercoaster ride and can catch us by surprise. We can find ourselves in positions that we never expected nor would choose for ourselves. While situation may not be one that we selected, we can choose how we show up.


One of the first things you should do when the word divorce is uttered is make the conscious choice of how you will navigate this trying emotional time. Failure to make the choice can actually hurt you and lead to catastrophic outcomes. You run the risk of getting stuck, repeating the same destructive pattern, and not being able to move forward.


Thankfully, you can avoid the heartache and fast forward into the next chapter of your life by harnessing the power of positive energy. You can experience joy and create peaceful space despite divorcing! Ready to start?


Create a positive energy foundation with these tips:


  1. Allow yourself to be in a flow state. Instead of fighting life’s current, surrender to the process and allow yourself to be taken to a better place. Resisting change is futile and leads to suffering. Life has a funny way of working out- but only if we get out of our own way.


  1. Focus on positive vibes. Like attracts like; thoughts become reality. When you focus on negativity, you are creating a negative environment. Focusing on positivity will enable you to always find the good in the situation regardless of what others are doing. Find high energetic vibrations through kindness, peace, forgiveness, love, joy, and empowerment. When you feel yourself slipping into a negative mindset, use self-care to combat it.


  1. Adapt a growth mindset. Growth doesn’t happen by accident; it is a conscious choice. Ask yourself what you can learn by going through this process.


  1. Focus on You. With all the overwhelming emotions divorce evokes, it is easy to start comparing your situation to “happy families.” Resist the temptation to judge and remember that big smiles can cover up big wounds. We are all on different journeys.


  1. Plan your future. While divorce is the end of an era, it is not the last. You have the wonderful opportunity to create a whole new life and design it how you see fit. Chances are you have picked up a lot of wisdom along your journey and now it the perfect time to use it. Create your dream life!

With the right attitude you can gracefully navigate your divorce and do it with ease. If you would like help replacing fear with facts as you create your ideal next chapter, contact us at or 402.430.3092 today!


This information is for general education purposes; this is not to be considered legal/ tax/ or financial advice.