4 Tools for an Informed Divorce

4 Tools for an Informed Divorce

September 28, 2020

Do you have an informed and organized divorce?


During this time of extreme change, informed decisions are critical. With their personal data and divorce analysis at their fingertips, Divorce Analytics clients make better decisions which leads to better outcomes.


To ensure our clients have an informed and organized divorce, we offer clients the following:

1. Divorce Binder. To organize all hard copies of their personal information and divorce documents, clients receive a Divorce Binder. Our binders guide clients through gathering pertinent information necessary for their divorce.


2. Client Toolkit. We help our clients reduce their stress by uncovering their financial reality. We provide a Client Toolkit that helps them get started and answers any 3am questions that arise.


3. Divorce Impact Analysis Report. We create multiple settlement scenarios and work with our clients to understand the benefits and shortcomings of each. Once clients know the real-life implications of the settlements, they have the confidence to select the best solution.  Our detailed financial analysis of each proposed settlement is one of the most powerful tools your attorney can have.


4. Digital Document Organizer. For easy-and-secure document sharing between our clients and their team of divorce professionals, all data and documents are available on Dropbox.


If you are curious how to have an informed and organized divorce, email victoria@mywealthanaltyics.com for a no-obligation consultation today!

Please note: This is general knowledge and is not tax/ legal/ or financial advice. Work with your professional team to find out what is best for you.