By Victoria Kirilloff

Sound Strategies Create Positive Outcomes.

Wealth Analytics mission is to provide clients an outstanding experience through innovative technology and high value information. Through personal analysis, we improve our client’s financial outcomes and their overall financial I.Q. by taking an problem solving approach rooted in education.  Wealth Analytics has three services divisions to ensure client outcomes are properly navigated at each stage of life.

Wealth Analytics p focuses on bringing the power of financial analysis to our client's everyday decision making. We work with clients to identify their goals, determine any unique needs or restrictions, and develop a holistic solution. For each goal, clients undergo a skills and tools assessment which is then compared to the solution. To bridge any skills gap, we educate clients to ensure they are fully equipped for goal achievement. If a client needs a tool, we source multiple providers and determine who is best in their class. 

Divorce Analytics  is  focuses on helping clients understand the impact divorce has on their personal finances. We offer pre-divorce consulting to provide clients the information they need to confidently move forward. We also help clients develop and evolve their financial divorce strategies after proceedings begin. When the divorce decree is finalized, we ensure clients have fully severed financial ties and provide guidance as they transition to a new normal.

Divorce Analytics is a part of Nebraska Collaborative Divorce Center which specializes in taking a respectful, team oriented approach to divorce. The attorney, financial expert, child specialist, and divorce coach join forces to create a divorce process that creates win-win outcomes and preserves family relationships. Dramatically reducing the  divorce length, the Collaborative Process can have settlement resolution within 4 - 6 months.

Life Transition Analytics
 supports clients through the multitude challenges that life throws at us. By taking a holistic look at a client’s unique situation, the most meaningful solutions can be determined to help clients with the next step. We offer home visit to help gather important documents all the way to helping determine why the car is making that noise again.  With the support of the Wealth Analytics team, clients are empowered to move forward.