Early Neutral Consultation

Getting help earlier in the divorce process is always the best advice I can offer

Early Neutral Consultation

Divorce Analytics holds an informal joint meeting where you and your partner can ask questions, get clarification, and increase your knowledge in the divorce process. You are not required to make any decisions or engage in negotiations in the early neutral consultation. The goal is to build trust and confidence.

Early Neutral Consultation Benefits

  • Learn about the four phases of divorce and the different divorce methods.
  • Set yourself up for success by finding the best divorce method for your family.
  • Cost effective method to determine next steps.
  • Start the process in a transparent fashion with your partner.
  • Easier transition into the next stage.
  • This is not legal advice. No decisions are made. No negotiations discussed.

Long Distance? 

With an internet connection or phone, your divorce can be done anywhere. Do not let distance hold you back from the knowledge and services you need.