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Preserve resources & your sanity with divorce mediation

What is Family Financial Mediation?

A neutral third party financial professional acts as master of negotiations for an amicably divorcing couple.

Mediation Benefits

  • Safe and effective communication for everyone.
  • Focus on preserving relationship and interest of children.
  • Gives all participants a voice to express their interests and concerns.
  • Reduces emotional stress.
  • Helps keep divorce costs low.
  • Engages both partners to develop a fair and reasonable agreement.
  • Lawyer involvement is minimal. Used only to assist with unresolved issues, provide independent legal advice, and draft at the final separation agreement.

How Mediation is Different than Litigated Divorce

  • Allows family matters to stay private as opposed to airing them in a court room.
  • Creative resolutions that are based on what’s best for your family not archaic case law.
  • Quicker and more cost effective process.
  • Preserve family dynamics and creates a communication platform for understanding.
  • Facilitates healthier relationships.

Victoria’s Role as a Family Financial Mediator

Victoria Kirilloff is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and a family mediator. Through her financial background and experience, she helps you avoid common divorce pitfalls and preserve family wealth. She helps you identify what matters most to you and your family while navigating divorce. After a detailed fact-finding process, Victoria highlights your financial issues for resolution and works with you to create win-win outcomes. She illustrates the settlement's long-term financial impact so you know exactly what the result is.

Financial Issues for Resolution

  • Marital and separate property
  • Property and business interests
  • Retirement assets and investments
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Tax implications of the divorce
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Multiple property issues
  • Educational needs
  • Inheritance issues

Victoria leads you in mediation sessions until every issue is resolved. Upon completion, an attorney drafts and submits the formal separation agreement.  Now you are free to live your best life.

Long Distance Mediation

Whether it is through email, phone, or zoom, Victoria facilitates your divorce in the manner that fits your family best. Do not let long distance hold you back. Start now with a complimentary Early Neutral Consultation today. 

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